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Atol News - 2004

Atol 0.5.8 released - May 26, 2004

 This is a unstable release with test code for FTP and SFTP client implementation. See changelog for more details.

New Website! - Arpil 22, 2004

Atol has a new site! Please explore around to see all the features and information available here.

Atol 0.4.9 released - March 14, 2004

Great news. We released version 0.4.9. This version contains fixes for toolbar hiding, fixes for the GUI colour changing, and updates for language catalogs

New Website for the Atol Project - April 24

We have set up a new site for you to use.

Atol 0.4.0 released - Sunday, March 07

Atol 0.4.0 is released. Please download at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/atol/

Review changelog.txt to find out what's new

Atol 0.3.5 Released - Saturday, February 14

New release brings lots of fixes and few new features. For Linux users we offer binaries compiled on Fedora Core 1 distribution. Archiver plugins are not debugged yet for Linux, so they were not included in Linux binary version. Windows users can choose between zipped binaries, and installer version (.exe file). Source code is now split on atol core and atol plugin projects.

Changes: v0.3.5

- fixed tooltip text for the arrows in the toolbar

- added application manual (html help pages) written by Onno Tasler

- changed app icon for Linux (xpm version of ico file)

- support for file packing

- fixed multilang crash problem on Linux

- fixed problem with path having more than one separator character one next to another

- added "Close" button and project web address to About dialog

- added initial croatian translation

- fixed crashing with file operations on Linux

- added plugins for .zip and .tar formats (read-only for tar)

- added plugins for .bz2 and .Z formats

- added some changes for devcpp compiler (from Francesco)

- added initial multilanguage code, english and german translations (francesco)

- separated plugin projects from main atol project code

- custom-drawn path info panel class (colors work at Linux now)

- fixes for splash screen (shape works at Linux version now)