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Atol Links


  • WinMerge http://winmerge.sf.net
    Free program to compare and merge changes of the different versions of the same file, (Win32 only). It is used in a atol patching process. Program is open source and licensed under GPL.
  • wxWidgets library http://www.wxwidgets.org
    This is a free cross platform C++ library used to develop atol (the library was previously called wxWindows). It is open source and licensed under LGPL.
  • ZipArchive http://www.artpol-software.com/
    This is a open source C++ library for handling .zip archive format used in the atol zip plugin.
  • PoEdit http://poedit.sourceforge.net/index.php
    PoEdit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor. It is built with wxWindows toolkit and can run on any platform supported by it (although it was only tested on Unix with GTK+ and Windows). It aims to provide more convenient approach to editing catalogs than launching vi and editing the file by hand.
  • InnoSetup http://www.jrsoftware.org/
    Free program used to create Windows installations for Atol project
  • Bzip2 library http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/
    Open source library implementing bzip/bzip2 compression algorithm (used as an atol plugin)


Other file managers:

  • Gnome Commander http://www.nongnu.org/gcmd/
    This is a Linux file manager using GNOME desktop toolkit. It is also free, under GPL.
  • Krusader http://krusader.sf.net
    Krusader is twin panel file manager for Linux. It uses KDE desktop toolkit and is free - open source program, licensed under GPL.