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Atol screenshots

Atol is a dual panel file manager written using GTK+ toolkit and C++ programming language.
Project is free and open source (released under BSD license).

It is written to be portable and is available for following platforms:
  • Linux/Unix (with GTK+ >= 2.4 installed, optionally gnome-vfs)
  • Windows 9x/2000/XP
Please check the news page for latest events information. You may also want to check links page

If you are looking for a previous version of Atol (now discontinued) written using wxWidgets library, visit the old site here.
Also, you might take a look at NoteCase website, for yet another program of mine (hierarchical text notes manager, a.k.a. outliner).

I am very much interested in your feedback/ideas for this project. Feel free to contact me at (Miroslav Rajcic <>).
Quick Facts
License BSD
Latest version 0.7.3
Release date 2006-12-25
Status stable
Contact Miroslav Rajcic

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