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0.7.3 (released at 2006.12.25.)
- IniFile : replaced stream based code with FILE based one (removes a leak discovered by BoundsChecker)
- forbid inline rename of ".." item
- Options dialog: list of available translations is now sorted
- fix: when changed CD in the drive and set to browse that drive I got "Failed to set ..." message. Code now falls back to set drive root path if path from drive's history does not exist.
- main makefile for Mingw moved to _docs (does not work)
- fix: when browsing to the parent directory, we would first focus item at index 0, then we would jump to focus child folder (flicker)
- move operation: if direct rename (move within the same drive) does not work, fall back to copy+delete operation
- updated .pot catalog and Croatian translation

- added file needed to build .deb package into /debian directory (work by Mantas Kriaučiūnas and Cyril Brulebois)
- Czech translation updated (work by Vít Pelčák)
- optionally refresh local panels when Atol gets the focus (patch by Paul Colomiets)
- Polish translation updated (work by Tomasz Sokół)
- TarLib plugin: when unpacking file restore file permissions and modified time to match archive entry file
- when deleting file in the panel, try to preserve focus to the same index instead of moving to the first item
- after moving/copying files set selection in the destination panel to the first moved/copied item
- updated Gtk to gtk-2.6.10-win32-1 for Win32 installer

- fix error when setting the panel to the empty removable drive
- French translation updated (work by 'finchen')
- fixed Catalan locale code
- Polish translation updated (work by Tomasz Sokół)
- commented vfs Lock/Unlock code (can cause problems)
- makefile patches as in latest Notecase (better printout, "make packdos", "make pack")
- CBlowfish and CSHA1 patched to fix encryption problems for 64bit build

0.7.0. (released at 2006.09.01.)
- added command line combo box
- Ctrl+Enter will copy selected file name to the command line
- Ctrl+P will copy current path name to the command line
- updated .pot catalog and Croatian translation

- added Romanian translation (work by Valentin Enache)
- fix installer for bug with invalid iconv.dll inside the GTK+ installation ("The procedure entry point libiconv_set_relocation_prefix could not be located in the dynamic link library iconv.dll.")
- support to edit files from Vfs drives other than local and archive (they were already suported)
- Left and Right arrow keys can be used now to navigate the file panel (removed support for Backspace key for navigation)
- added Vfs locking mechanism (mutex)
- fixed D'n'D not working in the NC compatibility mode
- fixed crash in SFTP password input dialog (input dialog is now thread safe)
- better "failed to delete" message (added skip/skip all options)
- handle Enter key press in "insert directory name" dialog (when creating new directory)
- GuiInputDlg: larger by default
- italian translation updated (work by Dmitri Sologoubenko)

- do not open Site manager window if user clicked cancel inside pasword dialog
- updated ZipArchive library to the latest version (2.4.11 (07-2006))
- fix: Atol hangs when trying to refresh panel for the media that has been unmounted
- converted ZipArchive make system to remove OS-specific file copying (that causes constant ZipArchive full-rebuild on Linux)

- shortcut changes to make it more "TotalCommander like": Alt+1 to select left panel drive, Alt+2 for right panel, Alt+5 for pack
- overwrite dialog: added default button flag for "Overwrite all"
- drive menu speedup (commented code to fetch volume name on Win32) - menu used to take 10 sec to display
- Czech translation updated (work by Vít Pelcák)
- fixes to enable compilation for x86_64 platform
- added option to show the file extenson in a separate column (or in the same column with file name)

0.6.6 (released at 2006.07.13)
- FTPS protocol support
- added directory caching support for remote Vfs
- file overwrite check is case insensitive when copying to Windows local VFS
- updated translation template and Croatian translation

- fix to use verbs instead command offsets for a Win32 shell menu handling
- do not offer "delete to trash" option for remote paths
- keep the scroll position on a refresh in a file panel
- support to unpack file from archive when having non-cannonical path typed into copy box ("some path/../other")
- updated GTK install for Win32 to 2.8.18-rc1
- FTP patches/cleanups from Paul Colomiets fixing passive mode

- fixed VfsArchive::SetDir to test if the dir exists
- added command (Shift+Home) to jump to the user's home directory
- added code to detect .zip archive format by its header bytes (patch by Paul Colomiets)
- added command (Ctrl + PgDown) to try enter directory or archive without executing the file if not supported archive format (patch by Paul Colomiets)
- Win32 only: add additional info to the Drive Menu for Network drives like in Explorer (links to mpr.lib)
- fix .rar archiver not-working problem when built with VC2005 (force extern "C" for exported methods)

- added support to repack file edited within the archive (ask user for permission)
- added support to repack file changed when executed within the archive (ask user for permission)  - currently only for Win32
- Portugese Brazilian translation updated (work by Leandro Cristante de Oliveira)
- fixed problems with atol.xpm icon
- try to make list header of a file panel having a smaller height
- support to click on a path info and edit the panel path inline
- create new file on the local disk using Shift+F4 shortcut key (or "File" menu)

- Finnish translation updated (work by Erkka Koski)
- fixed problem with ftp recursive deleting
- fixed problems with storing ftp passive mode flag
- fixed problems with ftp anonymous access
- added: moving from archive to archive wasn't possible
- if the link file points to the directory display it with the directory icon (Linux only fix)
- set color of path info in an active panel to the one selected by user (selected item text and bkg color)

0.6.1 (released at 2006.04.05)
- added support to set custom panel color
- automatically remember/restore file panel column sizes
- fixed problem with rename of file with special chars in file name
- fixed problem with resizing file panel columns using mouse
- updated .pot file and hr translation

- fixed default for column sorting - default now sorts by name ascending (was descending)
- FedoraCore5 compile error fix: ZipArchive library error - removed "ZipException::" from ZipException.h file line 57
- maximize main window by default
- fix: some zip unpackers fail to create empty /bin directory -> keep some dummy file in bin to force directory creation
- fixed overwrite on move operation failure
- converted all lstat calls to lstat64 (fixes problem with viewing file larger than 2GB)
- System::EnumDirectory fixes for Linux
- fixed quick search to adapt for new system (we are now storing file names in file system encoding)
- fixed System::RunCommand and System::GetPArtitionList causing crashes in FC5 Linux on drive menu display and move file operation
- fixed problem when copying big file on Linux
- exit quick search mode if the last search character was deleted

- create Yes/No/Cancel message box method (used in SFTP key accept message)
- fixed d'n'd to allow dragging from atol to explorer
- Finnish translation created (work by Erkka Koski)
- cancel drag and drop if a directory was dropped on itself
- fixing problems with codepages (now storing file items in local filesystem codepage, converting to utf8 on demand - display etc.)
- added shortcut for "Filter" - Ctrl+D
- fixed losing of panel sort indicator after filter was applied to the list
- drag 'n drop - default is copy operation
- French and Canadian French translations updated (work by Catherine Beauchemin)
- Windows project upgraded to add support for using gtk-win32-2.8.14-rc1.exe

- fixed problem with file attributes of entries within .bz2 and .gz archives (converting flags to portable values)
- fixed "Skip All" button on copy error dialog
- Win installer tweaked (added viewing readme file contents)
- added drag and drop support
- fixed problems with SFTP delete command
- custom file editor can be set through Options dialog
- custom terminal can be set through Options dialog (Linux only)

- added support for Visual C++ 2005
- site manager: fixed problem with saving site manager site list when no previous storage file exists
- site manager: update site info data before making a duplicate item
- site manager: save existing site list before starting the remote connection
- fixed problem with calculation of ini file directory on Windows (GetHomeDir)
- Windows project upgraded to add support for using GTK 2.8.8-rc2
- increased buffer for file copy from 10k to 32k to speed-up copy operations

- prevent window resizing on startup or when panel status text too big
- fixed issue when copying multiple local files to "..\"
- added support to set panel paths as command line parameters
- Italian translation updated (work by Cecilia Saltori)
- fixed lost history list item when using Ctrl+Home (go to the root)
- if failed to set directory, try setting to its parent directory
- fixed problems with SFTP messages hanging the application (they are threadsafe now)
- fixed: could not duplicate 1st entry in the site list dialog
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)
- fix: restore focused item after inplace rename operation
- fix: convert .zip entry attributes to portable flags
0.5.5 (released)
- fixed problems with viewing files inside .gz archive
- Estonian translation updated (work by Eero Vegmann)
- added GUI to define proxy server
- removed "Fileharmonia" signature from sftp engine
- removed DirectoryCache patch
- added unrar.dll into installer
- finished FTP proxy implementation
- fixed selection problems with scrolling file list in NC-like selection mode
- fixes for Win32 dir watching - add event cumulation timer to keep window responsive for too fast events
- fixes for "X invalid async reply" issues with popup windows under Linux
- updated .pot file and hr.po translation

- working on a NC-like file list selection mode
- added directory cache to remember last visited directory inside the current directory (this one is being focused)
- fix plugin directory for Linux (do not hardcode, use define from config.h)
- add F8, Shift+F8 shortcuts to delete files (NC compatibility)
- implemented Backspace shortcut to browse to the parent directory (same as Ctrl+PageUp)
- implemented Alt+Home shortcut to browse user's home directory
- added ability to turn on/off NC-like file selection mode (WARNING: still experimental) in the Options dialog
- fix: (Linux) deleting files in dir with rights of 555 fails - add +xw rights on dirs when deleting

- Thomas Gilgin is now official member of Atol development team
- add icons in the drive menu - Windows only
- return to last used directory when selecting drive in the drive menu - Windows only
- Danish translation updated (work by Ulrik Skovenborg)
- fix scroll position after refresh/operations
- forbid .. to be included in file operations
- fixed: file copy operation on Linux does not set modified date
- added blocking dialog (instead of progress) for Connect operation
- multiple other bugfixes

- Dutch translation updated (work by Tijmen Baarda)
- added patches to enable wildcards in quick search (work by Thomas Gilgin)
- special char '/' triggers quick search for file extension (starts with "*." search pattern)
- added DirWatcher class (Win32 only)
- bunch of smaller fixes
- implemented clipboard cut,copy,paste operations for file panel (work by Thomas Gilgin) - win32 only

- fixes regarding site manager site list loading/saving
- site manager context menu moved to normal menu
- fixed problem with deleting link files on Linux
- fixed problem with copying link on Linux (do not copy file targeted by link)
- applied few patches by Thomas Gilgin (set work dir on file execute, fix to show volume labels in UTF8 instead in native charset, ...)
- added ctx menu for Linux local Vfs (rename, move, copy, delete)
- added ctx menu for FTP/SFTP Vfs'
- fixed link file moving on Linux (recreate link to point to the original file)
- allow file viewing through the link file (Linux) - dereference the link and view original file

- fix: file viewer crashes on link file
- patch to select initial path on copy/move start dialog (work by Thomas Gilgin)
- while being in an archive CTRL+HOME moves to the top of the archive. Pressing CTRL+HOME again moves to the root dir of the outer filesystem
- quicksearch now terminates after file operations
- Overwrite dialog: ESC closes dialog with default SKIP option
- site manager: added "duplicate" (item) ctx menu option
- site manager: on protocol combo changes set default port
- site manager: enable/disable user/pass fields on anonymous checked
- "Directory is not empty" warning on file delete operation can be disabled
- after renaming the list is refreshed to get the correct sorting order (keeping the selection)
- when copying/moving single top item, allow that the name part does not need to be specified (path must be terminated with '\' or '/' to indicate directory)
- added support for browsing LAN (Win32 only)
- added list of unused ftp sites to drive menu
- added file panel context menu (Win32 only)

0.4.9 (released at 2005.10.28)
- fixed listing of link file under Linux
- added "installatol" into Linux makefile
- Linux makefile - use tar.gz instead of .zip
- fixed current time display on progress dialog (was equal to total time before)
- added icons into delete start dialog to visually differ "move to trash" and "delete" modes (patch by Thomas Gilgin)
- added volume labels into the drive menu (Win32 only)
- patch to add shortcuts for OverwriteDlg buttons (by Thomas Gilgin)
- add operation name to the progress dialog title
- fix: unpack multiple files - total goes over 100% (reset after each file)
- updated .pod file and Croatian translation

- fixed DeleteDirDlg/DeleteFileDlg - abort button was not working
- if "-" or "+" pressed when in the quick search mode, do not start selection/deselection dialog
- added method PathName::IsAbsolutePath
- added support for Mongolian, Amharic, Bengali, Esperanto, Basque into GuiLanguage table
- added drive size and drive free space info on panel info
- added OpErrorDlg class (allows abort on some operations failed - overwrite or move failed)
- fixed atol build for GTK+ 2.4.x (FC3)
- fixed case when modifying copy destination to be relative path (create local copy in this case)
- added mouse wheel scrolling support in file viewer

- Italian translation update (work by Cecilia Saltori)
- optimized move code in direct mode (moving within the same partition = rename)
- fix: add _ to letters in drive menu for Win (ability to select menu with keypress)
- added command line combo (can be hidden)
- added trace view notebook widget
- Russian translation update (work by Misha Bukin)
- added class DeleteDirDlg
- added class File64Enc, added code for encrypted ini file (will be used for FTP data)
- overwrite dialog - show additional details for both files

- German translation update (work by Kai Boenke)
- support for "Move to archive" in the file pack dialogs
- fixed quick search to start automatically without shortcut (on key press)
- added SiteManagerDlg class
- added number of classes related to FTP, Proxy support
- Japanese translation added (work by Masahiro Takagi)
- added OpConnect class
- basic FTP implemented
- basic SFTP implemented (Win32 only)

- added shortcuts to drop panel drive menus (Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+F2)
- added  + and - shortcuts for panel selection/deselection
- fix: could not rename entry in the bookmark editor (added Save button)
- add support for ATOL_HOME env variable for user to customize home directory (used to calculate ini file path)
- add dialog to ask user when deleting non-empty top level directory
- Chinese translation updated (work by Cheng Xiao <scariii@citiz.net>)
- moved IsSamePartition, GetPartitionList from OpMove,FileListPanel to System?
- fix: pressing space on selected directory leads to size calculation, but the size is not shown immediately
- changed pack dialog not to include archive extension in the file name (it is added automatically)
- fixed crash when double-clicking file search result line
- differ Chinese simplified and traditional translations
- fixed invalid build directory in VC 6.0 for zlib library
- removed FilePath class (code merged with System, removed some duplicate methods)
- cut down number of times SetDirectory is called per file panel at startup (faster start of application)
- fixed problem with date parsing when reading an archive in LstLib plugin

0.4.4 (released at 2005.09.20)
- added cleanup code for file viewer text-view thread
- multiple fixes for file viewer (timer closing code)
- LstLib fixes, now it should be identical to TC's plugin
- deleted some old dev-c++ build files (left from old wx based atol)
- some cosmetic addons for file search dialog
- fix: distinguish virtual (file names only) and real archives when viewing files inside them
- changed build dir for plugin subprojects on Win32 (now built within the main bin directory)
- started adding mingw compilation support
- added delete support in LstLib
- added owerwrite check for OpPack
- set archiver extension matching on Win32 case insensitive
- added CopyErrDlg window class (support for skip, skip all, abort when file copy fails)
- fixed search by contents

- set different title for delete start dialog when in "move to trash" mode
- removed EnumDirectory class, code moved to System class
- fixed some crasher bugs in FileSearchDialog
- added Hungarian translation (work by Imre Kovács)
- fix: on file edit add quotes for file names having spaces
- added Slovak translation  (work by Michal Adámek)

- fixed problem with non-direct move operation
- multiple smaller code fixes
- fixed GzLib error when it was not possible to unpack same file twice (second time size was 0)
- fixed problems with empty directories being packed as file .zip entries on Linux
- fixed problems with multiple directory deep entry names in the .bz2 archive
- new key shortcuts: Del moves to recycle, Shift + Del deletes files
- fixes to allow compilation using older GTK+ 2.4.x (FC3)
- created .bat script to prepare locale directory for Win32 release (no need to store .mo files anymore)
- added "move to trash" implementation for Linux platform
- removed interface.cpp/.h files
- fix: could not mode some item to the same directory under new name !

- added Tamil translation (work by Viveka Nathan K <vivekanathan@gmail.com>)
- fixed locale code for Tamil to "ta_IN"
- Win32 installer now using latest gtk+ 2.6.10
- added Estonian translation (work by Eero Vegmann <eerove@gmail.com>)
- VC compiler: moved include directories from global settings into project settings (easier setup for developers)
- added Slovenian translation (work by Tadej Humar <tadejhumar@gmail.com>)
- fix browsing read-only .zip archives on Linux
- when creating new directory, select it in the list, refresh other panel if needed
- removed close button ("x") from progress dialog title bar
- fixed problems when deleting symbolic links to directories (just delete the link file)
- fixed method IsSamePartition
- important fixes to prevent operation locking/crashes (GTK+ multithread issues)
- fixed "make help" issue in the Linux makefile
- simplified "make pouninstall" code in the Linux makefile

- new Portugese translation (work by Rui Maciel <rui.maciel@gmail.com>)
- fix: when default archive name changed in packer dialog it was not used
- added support to view files inside archives
- fix: added code in TarLib plugin to convert tar entry attribute flags into our portable flags (fixes problems with wrong display of files as dirs)
- fix: panel browser history list colud already be navigated even if the atol has just started
- fix: remember/restore file selection when sorting panel list
- fix: forbid keyboard focus on toolbar (use signal to move focus forward)
- fix: forbid file list to have two focus points (list header + list) - only list part can be focused
- added Vfs_Local::Execute support for Linux
- code tiding (moved methods that operate on local files into System class)
- fix: "show hidden files" was always checked on startup, no matter of the actual state set
- use elipsys for long file names in progress dialog
- fix: when calculating size of big directory (larger than 2GB) value was displayed as negative (formated as 32bit value)
- fix: file viewer window is bigger by default
- fix: file search dialog and merge dialog had its own task bar button, removed that
- fix: merge file dialog was not destructing on Cancel
- fix: better name sorting on Linux
- fix: when browsing "..", keep going up until you find an existing directory (handles case when the parent dir was deleted in another program)
- some fixes in quick search mechanism inside file list

- added percent text on each progress bar inside GuiProgressDlg class
- fix: progress bars in GuiProgressDlg are not resizable anymore
- fix: progress dialog was missing title bar under Linux
- fix: when "Allow single instance" option is on, the second instance gets deadlocked at displaying message box
- fix: "Remember/restore panel paths" option is always turned off when opening Options dialog
- fix: .deb packer complains on missing -fPIC flag when building GzLib, Bz2Lib and ZipLib plugins on Linux
- fix: do not allow editing of directories (F4)
- fix: set selection mark to first item when entering directory
- fix: when browsing into parent directory ("..") set focus on previous directory item
- fix: allow only local VFS directories to enter history list
- fix: unix2dos call inside Linux Makefile is now optional
- fix: added Win32 implementation for Vfs_Local::GetDriveFreeSpace
- fix: warning in eggtray icon (Linux)
- fix: problem when copying the file under different name in the same directory

- updated .pot template and Croatian translation (hr.po)
- added Turkish translation (thanks to Burak Cayir <burakcayir@gmail.com>)
- fix: "unpack files" option did not had proper progress display
- we welcome new developer in Atol team (Victor Zverovich <viz@pisem.net>)
- fix: use UTF8 names in VfsLocal for proper display of non ASCII file names
- fix: added support for Malay language in the GuiLanguage language table
- fix: pack dialog - set OK as default response (on Enter key press)
- Dutch translation updated (thanks to Tijmen Baarda)
- fixed Linux makefile to dynamically install/uninstall available .po files (no fixed list is needed) 
- added implementation of ASSERT/TRACE macros to help debugging the program

0.3.7 (released at 2005.08.09)
- fixed behaviour of GuiInputDlg (focus on entry, closes on Enter)
- created basic file viewer (early stage)
- added keyboard handler for viewer (document scrolling)

- fixes for inplace file rename
- added start dialog before copy/move operations (this enables renaming destination name/selecting another destination dir)
- added StopWatch class (measures time intervals)
- fixed error of archive directories having name + extension (directories must have no extensions)
- better PackFilesDlg widget layout
- important fix for move operation
- fix: Bookmark dialog did not close on "OK" button press

- updated zlib sources (in plugins) to latest v1.2.3 (important security fixes)
- update ZipArchive library to latest 2.4.6
- added "-fPIC" gcc flag when building plugins on Linux (thanks to suggestion by Cyril Brulebois <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr>)
- split list view data callback into two separate functions (one for icons, other for text data)
- important fixes in archiver plugins system
- fixes in ZipLib plugin (problems with packing on Linux)
- fix: progress was not updated inside "File/Pack" option
- file pack dialog: remember/select last used archiver type for next pack operation
- better progress dialog (write the src and destination name of the processed file)

- Polish translation updated (thanks to Jarek Księżyk <carnival-13@tlen.pl>)
- move operation on Linux: code to detect if moving file within the same partition
- started work on file viewer (added FileViewerWnd class)
- added Norwegian translation (work by Marielle Jeanette Lřvbakken)
- renamed atol source code directory to include version info (required Linux .spec file and Makefile editing)
- fixed size of the tray icon on Linux platform (scaled to 16x16)
- removed some "notecase" strings from the code

- Linux: moved Vendor, Distribution and Packager fields from atol.spec to .rpmmacros file
- updated Dutch translation (thanks to Tijmen Baarda <tijmenbaarda@tijgerweb.net>)
- Tray icon/menu fixes and improvements
- added Czech translation (thanks to Jakub Coufal <jakub@gelion.cz>)
- OptionsDialog code improvements
- added MainWindow class
- Linux makefile: added OBJ variable to allow different directories for object file and final binary
- added lock.xpm icon for encrypted files
- handling file paned double-click on encrypted files (.enc)

- added Italian translation (thanks to Grzegorz L <cedryk@elf.silesianet.pl>)
- fixed Czech locale from "cs_CS" to "cs_CZ"
- added "Remember last directory" option into Options dialog
- show special icons for ".enc" and archive files
- fixed important mutex bug that caused random Atol crashing at the end of file operation
- plugged some pretty big memory leak holes (using valgrind)
- Win32 version using new gtk-2.6.8-rc1
- added some stock icons for some menu items
- documentation upgrade
- translations: updated atol.pot and hr.po files

- added Portugese (Brasilian) translation (thanks to Leandro Cristante de Oliveira <lcristante@bol.com.br>)
- added Russian transaltion (thanks to xriyuk team <xriyuk@gmail.com>: Sergei Shutov and Zavarin Yury)
- added OpEncrypt and OpDecrypt classes, created EncryptionDialog class
- implemented file encrypt and decrypt operations
- added class BrowseBookmarkList
- created class BookmarkEditDlg
- implemented bookmarks (right click over panel path info)

- added OpHash class, several crypt classes: md5, crc32, sha1, blowfish
- created HashTypeDialog and HashResultDialog classes
- File Hash operation implemented (crc32, md5, sha1)
- added French and Canadian French translations (thanks to Catherine Beauchemin <cbeau@users.sourceforge.net>)
- updated Dutch translation (thanks to Tijmen Baarda <tijmenbaarda@tijgerweb.net>)
- updated Danish translation (thanks to Ulrik Skovenborg <skovenborg@gmail.com>)
- center all new dialogs to main window (hash, pack dlgs)
- added OpMerge class, generated FileSplitDialog and FileMergeDialog classes
- impelmented file split and merge operations
- added SingleInstance classes for Linux and Windows (Win32 in the only one working though)

- German translation (thanks to Daniel Kraft <d@daniel-kraft.net>)
- Danish translation (thanks to Ulrik Skovenborg <skovenborg@gmail.com>)
- updated .pot file from sources
- updated Croatian translation
- converted changelog to NoteCase format (http://notecase.sourceforge.net)
- reduced program CPU usage (on_gtk_idle method)
- added PackFilesDlg class
- added OpPack and OpUnpack classes
- impelmented Pack and Unpack operations

- added FileSearchDlg, FileSearchThread classes

- Spanish translation (thanks to Pedro Villanueva <knuk19@hotmail.com>)
- Dutch translation (thanks to Tijmen Baarda <tijmenbaarda@tijgerweb.net>)
- Polish translation update (thanks to Leszek Kowalik <kowalik.leszek@wp.pl>)

- added options dialog
- fixed opening/editing file with space in name (Linux)
- start at boot-time feature (Win32 only)
- Polish translation (thanks to Zuzanna Białecka <chillli@tlen.pl>)
- Swedish translation (thanks to Johan Nilsson <oliver_twistor@hotmail.com>)

- added "--as-needed" link flag in Linux makefile
- fix: store $prefix value (on Linux only) in config.h at compile time
  (fixes help file/locale dir calculation when installed in non-default directory)

- fix: refresh sort indicators when browsing ".." (was forgot by GTK)
- fix: on swap panel refresh sort headers
- temporary fix to redisplay progress after overwrite dialog poped over it
   (losing focus causes preogess to hide under main window)
- FileList::SetDirectory -> on failed display messagebox
- delete dlg: set focus on OK
- fixed Overwrite dialog
- new dialog for delete read-only file confirmation (DeleteFileDlg)
- updated pot/po files
- right align size column
- keep splitter percentage on main window resize
- file edit: read editor from INI
- remember/restore sort in INI file

- app title: atol + version number
- fixed Linux version of "edit file" (F4) command
- added "remember last path" option
- info string (add total size in dir)
- tested archivers, fixed some bugs
- fixed bug with list autoresizing columns
- delete start dialog: list all selected files (new class: DeleteStartDlg)
- right align size column
- added new overwrite dialog; class OverwriteDlg (more options)
- fixed SetDirectory to check access rights

- Linux makefile: added sections: "install", "buildplugins",
  "cleanplugins", "installplugins", "uninstallplugins", "poinstall", "pouninstall"
- fix show hidden (save in ini)
- defined plugins dir on Linux as "usr/local/lib/atol"
- Linux fix: "open terminal" -> open in current dir!!!
- added atol.desktop file (Linux)
- added tray icon support: eggtrayicon, TrayIcon and PortableTrayIcon
- added browse history
- new commands: swap panels, equal panels
- compare directories
- option to calc dir size when pressed Space on dir
- quick search mode in list (starts with Shift+Q)

- added classes CDll, ArchiverPlugin, PluginManager, VfsArchive
- implemented plugin system (archiver plugins)
- updated Gtk to 2.6.4 in Win32 installer
- created BAT script on windows to cleanup the build
- Win32: added plugin projects into the main VC++ workspace

- added DualPanel class
- set text color on path info widget
- inplace rename code cleanup
- fix: on file list mouse click -> switch active panels
- added "maximize window on startup" option (no GUI to set the option, use INI)
- added selection all/none/invert/select/deselect
- added file list filtering
- updated pot file, hr.po

- set main xpm icon for Linux
- fix attr column (String::Append was noti mplemented)
- fixed sorting
- FileList::RefilterList method
- fix data callback info (dynamically detect type of cell renderer)
- added toolbar icona to open command prompt (terminal)
- defined shortcut key for "open terminal"
- make path info label colored
- fixed button pack flags for drive button -> icon was cut
- disable GTK treeview earch mechanism
- added file execute on double click (Win32 only)
- added info bar
- added file edit operation (notepad/gedit)
- updated ZipArchive library to latest 2.4.3 version
- updated hr.po, added hr.po into the Win32 installer
- fixed: (atol:5456): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: unable to set property `pixbuf' of type `GdkPixbuf' from value of type `gchararray'

- atol ini save -> ensure directory exists
- space key enters in the selected directory
- added classes FilterDesc, FindInFile
- added files pidl.cpp, util.cpp
- implemented option (filter) to hide "hidden" files
- fix inplace rename to include extension in entry field
- added option to open terminal window (command prompt)
- file list now looks more windows style (icon is not in a separate column)
- remember/restore hidden state (default is to show)
- fixed multilanguage support code (ENABLE_NLS was not defined)
- updates for hr.po file

- add PROFILE in makefile
- added icon resource
- error message when failing to set drive
- menu option for hiding status bar
- new class GuiInputDlg
- added MkDir operation
- added rename operation (shift + F6)
- added flat appearance for drive button
- drive menu on Linux: removed entries for filesystem "none"

- fix mount point selection on Linux
- track and delete thread objects when operation done

- defined menu accelerators, connected menu and toolbar items
- added button for drive selection
- zip plugin: upgraded ZipArchive to latest version (2.3.6->2.4.2)

- progress dialog -> remove close button (x sign) in titlebar
- added some new icons from old atol
- defined menus and toolbar items

- major fixes/new design for threadsafe GUI messages
- added ThreadSafeQueue and  ThreadSafeAction classes

- code cleanup (class headers, #ifdef, )
- added confirmation box for each implemented file operation
- refresh list after operation done
- connected menu command to show/hide toolbar

- convert progress to use timer for update (fixes multithread GUI issues)

- added classes Dialog, GuiProgressDlg, OpStateWithProgress
- redesign of OpState class

- print path on label
- added OpManager class
- OpCopy now works (no progress/rename yet)
- OpMove now works (no progress/rename yet)
- OpDelete now works  (no progress/question yet)

- added FileListController class
- Ctrl+PgUp -> go up
- Ctrl+Home -> go to root
- added FileListPanel class

- created FileList class
- use VfsListingFiltered instead of VfsListing
- converted lists to multiplie-selection mode
- file list sorting
- added icons into the file list
- added about box
- cleanup generated support.cpp file
- show/hide toolbar

- added test atol.pot and hr.po
- implemented browsing (dbl click, enter key)
- added more columns to file panel (ext, date, attr)

- updated Linux makefile
- fixed rpm build

- created OpThread class
- created VfsListingFiltered class
- locale file listing now works
- added dummy toolbar filled with buttons

-added portable Mutex and Semaphore classes
- work on portable Thread class

- remove everything that prevents code for compiling (leave only core that will be redesigned)
- conversion from wx classes, fixing compiler errors

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